I hope everyone enjoyed this amazing Summer season we had!  We are in the middle of Autumn and have been extremely busy with clients old and new, making sure that everyone gets all of their vital nutrients and enzymes they need to ward off the persistence of cold & flu season.  Remember to click on our Catering + Corporate Wellness page for more information if you’d like to join in on the fun.  We have a few exciting announcements coming up so stay tuned!photo (4)


I hope everyone is enjoying their 2013 so far and living in the truth of each of your health goals for the New Year.  We announced our new Recharge on January 2nd and are thrilled to report that we have seen hundreds of them go straight from our commercial kitchen into the bodies of our clients, corporate and individual, so far and look forward to more of you joining our Recharge Family in the coming weeks.  Let us be a partner in your path to achieving your highest levels of vitality and help accelerate conquering your fitness milestones!

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